5 things you could be doing wrong while working out

June 12, 2017

Little details that could affect your workout routine

Regular exercise has plenty of advantages. But while working out, many people accidentally develop unhealthy habits that may harm their bodies in the long run. Try avoiding the following behaviour that can reverse the benefits of a great workout session:

1. Monotony

Following the same workout routine every day can get boring. It also places excessive strain on certain parts of the body, causing repetitive stress injuries and decreasing results. Be sure to mix up your routine for strength, cardio and flexibility to stay motivated.

2. Bad form

Poor posture, hunched shoulders, swinging weights instead of lifting them, having your knees bend in different directions - such actions can sometimes place our muscles at risk. For best results, always exercise with proper form and posture that respects the body’s natural mechanics.

3. Electronic distractions

Be smart - switch off or place your phone on silent before you begin your session.  Besides being intrusive, your phone can reduce your focus, decrease the workout intensity, and could be a safety risk when handling exercise equipment. To maximise your performance, turn your workout area into a no-phone zone. If that call is urgent, it’s best to take a break and step out of the exercise area.

4. Going overboard

Overtraining, or taking on a higher volume and intensity of exercise than the body can handle, is a common mistake. The results are physical stress, muscle trauma, loss of strength and, in extreme cases, a trip to the hospital. Set realistic workout goals and stick to them. A good forty-five minute workout is much more effective than endless hours spent at the gym.

5. Pushing too hard

There’s a difference between the usual post-workout soreness and pain. It’s perfectly normal to experience little aches while the body pushes itself during exercise. However, joint pains, nausea and headaches, are a red flag. If such symptoms surface during a workout, stop and consult a doctor before your get back to your workout routine.


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