Your home and work lives impact your health. Knowing how to navigate through their nuances, challenges and complexities can do wonders for your wellbeing!
LivFit’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to provide you access to work-life resources and licensed counsellors in the field to help you cope with a variety of issues – from family and financial issues, to substance use, emotional health, stress and more.
What’s more? EAP services are not only open to you but also to your household members. It’s a win-win!


Emotional and Mental Wellbeing
Learn how to manage stress and anxiety and cope with the challenges of relationships and marriage. Get access to counsellors for 24/7 virtual consult and in-person appointments.
Career and Self-Development
Gain insights on handling the challenges, strains and opportunities associated with your personal and professional development.
Legal and Self-Development
Get access to legal and financial support for a thirty-minute virtual consult with a partnered specialist. 


Emotional Wellbeing
Once your organisation gets access to the Program, your employer will let you know. Once that happens, we will provide you with the material required to enrol for the service and continued year-round support for consistent engagement with the Program. 
With this Program. you gain 24/7 access to virtual and/or telephonic consultation. You can also book an in-person appointment with licensed clinical counsellors.
The in-take call centre can take a session on the spot counselling on the phone. You can also direct your call to a five-session model with an in-person psychologist. It varies based on the presenting case of the member and the reason for calling.

Legal & Financial Wellbeing
Using the same toll-free number, clients will ask for financial or legal support. In such a case, the request will be transferred to a partnered legal or financial advisor to set a thirty-minute phone discussion (via call).

Critical Incident Response (for employers)
When facing an unforeseen emergency (like a natural disaster or workplace-related incident which affects large corporate groups like the death of an employee, suicide etc.). the employer’s HR can provide access to a counsellor to help resolve your issue.



Please contact your Account Manager at Sukoon for assistance regarding the Program, including knowledge about how you can extend this benefit to your employees