3 Important Healthy Habits Worth Cultivating

April 01, 2023

3 Important Healthy Habits Worth Cultivating 

When it comes to sidestepping serious ailments like blood pressure or diabetes, studies indicate that making better lifestyle choices and incorporating healthy habits in daily life can greatly help. In fact, certain low-risk lifestyle habits can even influence aspects such as life expectancy.
This begs the question as to what those healthy habits are that can greatly impact overall health. Here are 3 important habits you can consider cultivating that require only small tweaks in daily living: 

  1. Eat mostly plants in all your meals - The importance of eating more plant-based foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, whole grains, and nuts, and seeds cannot be underestimated. Try to fill your plate with at least two-thirds of plant-based foods. Such foods are full of nutrients and fibre, which in turn might help prevent cancer, and reduce the risks of diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic health concerns. 

  2. Move your body daily, as much as you are able - Even as little as 10 minutes of movement per week can be beneficial for your health. Stay active through your day and try walking for at least 30 minutes daily (for example, 15 minutes twice a day). Furthermore, alternating periods of leisurely walking with brisk walking is a type of interval training that can improve your cardiovascular fitness and help burn more calories than regular walking as well. 

  3. Do your best to get to a healthy weight - Even a little bit of weight loss by just a few pounds even, is known to be associated with positive outcomes, including lowering the risk of diabetes among those who are at risk. Maintaining a normal Body Mass Index is one such measure you can refer to, to get on track. However, do bear in mind that losing more than 2 pounds per week is not recommended. 

While there is a sea of information out there when it comes to better health, using behavioural strategies is a great place to start, and by bearing in mind these 3 tips, you’re right on track to better overall health!

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