Are You Really Addicted To Your Smartphone

May 01, 2022

Are You Really Addicted To Your Smartphone?

Beat your smartphone addiction in just 5 steps.

"I can't go anywhere without my phone," or "If I'm not active in my social feeds, I feel like I'm missing out," are phrases you may have heard before.

Cell phones have become an essential component of everyone's life in the twenty-first century of modern technology.

Surprisingly, research suggests that excessive use of technology has a negative impact on our mental and physical health, as well as our relationships and other aspects of our lives.
How can we establish better habits around technology, keeping its benefits while limiting its negative consequences, short of getting off the grid? We advocate implementing a few research-backed practices at work and at home.

1. Set aside a week's worth of time.

Set aside your phone on one day every week (typically Saturday or Sunday). That's it; make it a habit.

2. Charge your phone away from your bed.

Keeping your cell phone out of your bedroom can avoid many of the negative effects of misuse (bad sleep, hampered communication, and intimacy).

3. Reclaim time with your family.

We must no longer allow technology to obstruct our most vital interpersonal relationships. However, with news alerts and text messages continuously coming up on your phone, it's difficult to ignore it when it's there in front of you. 

Make it a rule not to use your phone at the dinner table.

4. Create a text auto-responder system.

Many people are hesitant to take phone breaks because they are concerned about taking too long to react to text messages. What is the solution? Set up a text message auto-responder to notify individuals that you're going on vacation and will respond when you return.

5. Distract yourself from your work.

Develop soul-satisfying hobbies. Replace video games and social networking apps with hands-on, real-world activities such as getting together with friends, making music or art, or volunteering.

Keep in mind that the goal is to reduce your smartphone addiction, not to go fully back to the stone age. Quitting your smartphone and the internet cold turkey will almost certainly land you in trouble and result in a speedy relapse.

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