Healthy Habits For Mental Fitness

July 30, 2019

Care For Your Mind

The topic of mental health has been receiving a lot of attention in the media recently. There are several findings that show how nurturing a fit mind is essential for our wellbeing and also has a direct effect on our physical fitness. But do you know what it means to be mentally fit?
Just like how being free from diseases doesn’t make you physically fit, being free from mental diseases does not make you mentally fit. Being mentally fit means that your mental faculties are equipped to make the best of any situation.
The true test for your mental fitness comes when you go through a stressful time. If you are mentally fit, you will use all your mental abilities to the fullest to help you cope with the situation. Improving your mental fitness will prepare you to face the challenges that life takes you through in a better way.
Here are 5 habits that could help you boost your mental fitness.

Get Smart With Your Smartphone Usage

Ever find yourself neglecting friends or family to check social media? Can you not stop checking your phone even while driving? Do you mindlessly browse videos even in the middle of the night? It is probably time to take a step back and start analysing your smartphone use. Obviously, you cannot control your smartphone and Internet use by just quitting both one fine day. Start by installing an app to monitor your phone usage patterns and reduce the usage gradually.

Catch All Those Zs

A disrupted sleep routine can trigger stress and anxiety.  Having a good pre-bed ritual, with a fixed bedtime and wake up time is crucial. Remember to disconnect your electronic devices an hour before bed. Try reading a book or meditating to put yourself to sleep easily.

Spend Time With People You Love

Take a break from your regular routine to meet a friend or a family member you haven’t spent time with for a while. Spending quality time with the people who bring you joy is not only refreshing but can also give you a sense of being valued and appreciated. It increases your sense of emotional wellbeing and provides you with an invaluable feeling of connectedness and positivity.

Mind Full To Mindful

Dedicate a few minutes daily for mindful meditation. Some simple breathing exercises are the best way to improve attention span, energy levels and manage stress.

Make ‘Me Time’ A Priority

Every week make it a point to give yourself a few hours of 'me-time' to do something that you genuinely enjoy doing. It can be exercising, reading, cooking for yourself or even watching your favorite show. Take the time to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries.
Making yourself a priority and keeping your mind in its peak condition is crucial to ensure your wellbeing. Start by creating a habit with these tips today and you'll experience the positive difference sooner than you expect.

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