Importance of 8 hours of sleep

April 06, 2017

Health benefits of sleeping well

We all spend about one third of our lives sleeping, without knowing the health benefits this simple task has to offer. Having healthy sleep habits can do more good than you think. Here is what good sleep can help you with.

Helps you stay active

You don’t need to wake up on the right side of the bed to stay active throughout the day. A good eight hours of sleep will leave you refreshed and ready to leap out of your jammies. Sleep helps in recovering the body from the wear and tear of the day’s activities and allows the brain to work properly. What’s more? It also improves learning and problem solving skills.

Manage your stress better

Your mood depends on your sleep. A sound sleep can help you feel happy and let you handle your day to day stress well. If you are tired, you tend to be less patient and can be easily agitated, which leads to stress.

Take control of your weight

If you are planning to lose weight, don’t just look at eating a healthy diet - sleep well too. A good sleep maintains a balance of hormones that make you feel hungry or feel full. If you don’t sleep well, you end up feeling hungrier due to an imbalance of these hormones and pick up those extra calories you were running away from.

Allows you to live fit

When you sleep, your immune system releases compounds called cytokines. Cytokines help to reduce allergies, inflammation,infections and a visit to the doctor! Good luck finding excuses for those unused sick leaves.

Enhances your beauty

Eight hours of regular shut-eye works wonders for the skin.While we sleep, our skin produces collagen which can help in preventing wrinkles. A good sleep also results in glowing skin, less puffy eyes and helps your overall appearance. In other words, sleeping provides the benefits of a session at the salon. The best part -it’s free!

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