How Exercise Impacts Bone Health

October 01, 2023

How Exercise Impacts Bone Health

It is a well-known fact that the benefits of exercise are many. From improving one’s ability to do everyday activities to helping reduce the risk of lifestyle and other diseases, the advantages regular exercising provides cannot be overstated. Among them is a very important function - that of strengthening bones.
Just like any other part of the human body, our bones too need some extra TLC in the form of exercise, in order to remain healthy and strong. Exercise is an important factor when it comes to preventing falls and maintaining and building a healthy bone mass. So as we age, the risk of experiencing serious fractures exponentially reduces, all thanks to exercise.
Want to know more? Read on to learn about 3 important types of exercise and their impact on bone health.

Weight for it! - Weight bearing exercises are your bones’ bestie.

Weight bearing exercises are those that involve activities where you carry your body weight and in fact use it to work against gravity. So every time you walk, dance, run, climb stairs, or hike, do bear in mind that your bones are being cared for! The science behind this is that the force you use to counteract the impact of gravity while engaging in weight bearing exercises is what impacts your bones, ensuring that they get stronger. The human body never ceases to impress, right?

Pivot! As in, suddenly change the direction of your movements. Here’s why

Changing direction all of a sudden is actually good for your bones. Researchers have reviewed the bone strength of athletes or those who play squash and soccer - sports that involve sudden twists and turns in a star-stop function and it was found that such individuals have a bone strength that is similar to those who engage in high impact sports like high jumpers or long-distance runners! Quite the win-win deal, if you think about it!

Strength training exercises - it’s literally in the name!   

Strength training exercises involve using your own body weight, resistance bands, or free weights to strengthen your bones, muscles, and tendons. This form of exercise can help support bone density and are particularly helpful when it comes to building back muscles, which is important for good posture. Strength training can help maintain and build strength and muscle mass, which in turn leads to the development of strong bones. In fact, a comprehensive strength training routine that exercises all major muscle groups can benefit practically all the bones in the body. You should be sure to use proper technique and form when you partake of strength training exercises though, just to ensure that you avoid injury and get the maximum benefit from each workout.
As we can see, a well-rounded exercise routine that includes those to improve bone health is a must for better life and vitality. Be sure to consult with a certified fitness trainer to put together the perfect workout - your bones will be sure to benefit from it.


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