Dance-Inspired Workouts
For All Ages

March 25, 2019

Dance Your Way to Fitness

Some of us love working out, but for many of us the last thing we want to be doing after a hard day at work is straining ourselves at the gym. For all those having this thought in mind – say hello to dance-inspired workouts. These can help you burn the requisite calories for the day while having a lot of fun.

Dance is a great choice for workout as it requires constant movement which helps to loosen up muscles and improves flexibility. Doing a dance-workout, three to five days a week can help improve your mood, increase overall energy levels, strengthen your heart and reduce risk of conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Here are 5 dance-inspired workouts for people of all ages

1. Aerobics

This rhythmic workout involves stretching and strength training, set to the background of tailor-made, upbeat music. It is perfect for people of all ages. You can add steps, weights or resistance bands to your workout depending on your level of aerobic fitness.

2. Zumba

This dance form was created in the early 1999 when an aerobics teacher forgot to bring his regular music and used bits of salsa and merengue music instead. Zumba targets different muscle groups at the same time and can give you aerobic and anaerobic benefits, while toning your body. Salsa, merengue, mambo, chachacha, reggaeton, samba, hip hop music and tango are the most common dance forms used in Zumba workouts.

3. Barre Dance Workout

Derived from the stretches performed by Ballet dancers, the Barre Dance Workout can help you achieve a lean muscle tone. This workout is perfect for senior citizens due to its low intensity and focus on balance, stability and flexibility. 

4. Bollywood Dance Workout

At the core of every form of dance is the need to express yourself through bodily movement. This is central to Bollywood Dance Workout. This form of workout is driven by heart-pumping, energetic rhythms of Bollywood - the film industry of India. Bollywood Dance Workout sessions are intense, burning up to 800 calories in a 50 minute session. This workout is ideal for people below 40 years of age.

5. Belly Dance Workout

As the name suggests the Belly Dance Workout was developed on traditional arabic belly dancing. This dance form is a great workout for your abs. It can also strengthen your whole upper body. This workout relieves stress on all your joints and in the long term can increase your bone density.

Dance workouts are one of the best ways to combine fitness and fun. Find a style that suits your age and fitness level and stick with it to have a whole lot of fun. Remember it is not about testing yourself but about expressing yourself while getting fitter.

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