The Benefits of Regular Exercise to the Body

August 01, 2023

The Benefits of Regular Exercise to the Body

Leaving a machine like your car untouched for long periods of time can lead to important components facing wear and tear. Similarly, your body without regular activity just might lead to a similar outcome. After all, the human body is a biological machine with many interconnected parts that require regular conditioning in order to function properly.
Of course, when it comes to exercising regularly, many of us might not be too fond of the idea. Yet, all of us can agree that moving your body regularly has its benefits. And while it feels great to finally be able to fit in your favourite jeans or gain muscle so that your biceps look great in that compression shirt you like donning at the gym, the benefits of exercising regularly do not end at the surface.
Regular exercise is an outside-in effort wherein the vital components of our body can experience the fruits of our labour too - and they do! Here are some important benefits that different exercises can bring to vital components of your body:

Aerobic Exercises - your brain and heart’s best friend 

Recent studies recommend a minimum of two and a half hours of aerobic exercises that are moderate in intensity, each week, or one hour and fifteen minutes of moderate to high-intensity exercises. While just reading this might make you feel tired, aerobic exercises are actually great for heart health.
Aerobic exercises assist in improving your heart’s ability to pump oxygen-rich blood in fewer beats per minute, which means improved cardiovascular efficiency. Furthermore, it keeps cholesterol levels in check, reducing the risk of experiencing a heart attack. And it doesn’t end there. Daily aerobic exercise also benefits the brain as it might lower cognitive ageing and the loss of brain tissue. And here’s a welcome bonus - it might also help with regulating the insulin levels in your body and in the lowering of blood sugar levels - a definite win for your pancreas, which as you know, produces hormones that help with regulating the way sugar (glucose) is processed by your body.
So as you can see, it might be time to cultivate the habit of regularly going for a brisk walk. If that’s not really your style, try your hand at dancing. Or you could try channelling your inner Michael Phelps by swimming regularly! There are a variety of aerobic exercises you could pick from, so long as you commit to doing those on a regular basis.

Breathe in better health! 

As the years go by, and with age catching up to us, it is no surprise that our lungs’ capacity to take in oxygen might also experience ageing. Diaphragmatic breathing exercises might help in this regard. This form of exercise helps your diaphragm sustain healthy lung capacity and maintain non-respiratory related functions. Additionally, many different forms of breathing exercises support better heart function by lowering the heart rate and helping your adrenal glands control cortisol - the stress hormone - from being released in excess by your body. So, clearly, ‘taking a breather’ is literally the way to go, to truly experience a renewed mind and healthier body. 

Get Popeye-level strong with consistent strength training

Being dedicated to strength training regularly has proven to help with muscle gain and improved performance. When done correctly, strength training exercises also help reduce your risk of getting injured, as they increase your joints’ Range of Motion (ROM). Furthermore, it heals muscle imbalances leading to better mobility. But the benefits don’t end there.
Been treating yourself regularly to scrumptious desserts brought on by some occasion or another, resulting in the accumulation of stubborn fat around the middle? We understand. We bet those treats were delicious! However, if you’ve decided to finally make way for a healthier midriff, strength training to the rescue! Scientifically known as visceral fat, this fat surrounds your abdominal region and is responsible for increasing the risk of chronic diseases, like non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease amongst others. Since strength training is highly advantageous in reducing body fat, it serves as one of the ideal solutions to reducing unnecessary visceral fat collecting near the abdomen. All in all, this form of exercise positively impacts different parts of your body in the long run.
In conclusion, any investment you make towards fitness will reap benefits, not only towards your being able to achieve your ideal physique, but also in terms of improving your internal wellbeing or reducing the risk of certain diseases. Regularly exercising has some reward in store for each and every one of us, should we choose to embark on this journey to better health. Take the step, make the change, and enjoy the benefits!


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