Undo The Effects Of Sitting All Day

September 26, 2019

Prolonged sitting and its impact on health

Have you ever wondered about how we are in ‘sitting’ mode during most of our day? Whether we are hunched over a laptop at work, commuting or eating, we spend a large part of our lives sitting.

1. The risky business of prolonged sitting

What’s most unnerving is that a large number of people completely underestimate the dangerous impacts of this ‘sitting’ disease. Studies reveal that critical conditions like diabetes, thyroid imbalance, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer, link back to leading a sedentary lifestyle. Some research also suggests that there is a direct correlation between the time spent sitting and early mortality.

2. Small changes go a long way

The human body is designed for movement. The heart, muscles, and even the bowels work much more effectively when we lead an active lifestyle. We’ve got a few recommendations to stay healthy and active, even through busy workdays.

  • Take the stairs whenever possible. This can help in maintaining a healthy weight and also build stronger bones, joints and muscles.

  • If you have a desk job, take regular breaks to stretch and walk around your office.

  • Opt for standing workstations as they improve your posture and reduce the pressure on your back.

  • Make small changes like fetching a glass of water yourself instead of asking someone else to get it for you.

  • Going for a jog or a brisk walk has several mental and physical health benefits. Make it a point to do this at least twice a week.

  • Try to walk every time you are on the phone.

These simple yet effective tips can go a long way in warding off serious health issues. Move more and sit less to take charge of your health today.

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