Fitness Trends That Will Rule 2022

February 01, 2022

5 fitness trends to look forward to in 2022

As the pandemic gripped nations around the globe, the world as we knew it, completely changed. Daily routines were never the same. People were seeking out new ways to cope with the stress and anxiety during lockdowns.
Fitness became a popular route for several home-alone residents to keep their health in check. With gyms closing down and people working from home, online workouts became the talk of the fitness town.
There is a growing awareness about the importance of a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. The pandemic brought about a change in the fitness scene, giving rise to new trends, some of which are here to stay for a long time to come. Here are some of them that will define the fitness scene for 2022: 

Weighted Hula Hoops 

If hula hooping wasn’t fun enough, here’s something you should try - weighted hula hooping.
You can use a weighted hula hoop as part of an overall fitness programme to add variety to your workouts or simply as a fun way to get more active. 
In addition to burning calories, it helps in reducing fat around your waist and hips.


Zuu is a high intensity workout that uses the movements of animals. 
The workouts use moves such as pushes, pulls, bends, twists, squats and lunges in challenging ways. 
The workout initially originated in the world of elite athletes, tactical police and the armed forces — where weights and machines aren't generally accessible.

Reverse Running or Retro Running

As goofy as it may sound (or look!), the benefits running backwards can pack, are plentiful. It burns more calories than traditional running, improves posture and is easy on your knees.
Although you will find it difficult to achieve your balance first, it gets easier with time. Just make sure there’s nothing in your way that you can trip on! 

Low-intensity workout training  

Fitness doesn’t always have to be a jarring session at the gym with heavy weights and metal music. Sometimes, slow is the fastest way forward.
With low-intensity workouts, you can avoid the risk of injury that high-intensity training routines can pose. Besides, low-intensity workout routines are easier to take up and more soothing to the mind.
In 2022, we will get to see more barre, swimming, yoga and other mellow ways to keep your physique in check.

Recovery and rest

If you are going to push your physical limits, you will need to learn how to unwind and recover. After all, your rest days are just as important as weight training.
Cryotherapy and stretch-based workouts are fast gaining traction among fitness enthusiasts. Not only do they aid muscle recovery, but they can also add to your strength, health and flexibility.
The fitness industry is dynamic. Every year, we will get to see innovative training routines that incorporate the best ways you can achieve your goals.After all, fitness is about consistency and dedication.

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