Tips on do's and don'ts about exercise and weight loss

April 06, 2017

Exercise and weight loss-basics


Rev up your metabolism

Cranking up your metabolism is important to lose weight. Aerobic exercise is one of the best ways to do this. Any physical activity that gets your pulse racing can give your metabolism a little boost.

Make the most of mornings

Starting your day with physical activity is a good way to kick start your metabolism. The morning is the best time to exercise. A brisk walk sets the day’s pace and can keep you active all day. It is an aerobic form of exercise which increases oxygen consumption in vital organs such as the heart and the brain.

Make exercise fun

Exercising is much more than just rigorous and routine gym workouts! It can be as fun as you can make it. Plan yoga sessions with friends or sign up for dance classes with your partner.


Don’t stick to a workout plan forever

Moderation is the key to losing weight and to sustaining weight loss. If you stick to a certain exercise regimen, your muscles get used to it and you need to work harder for the output. Vary your routine and try out different workout plans.

Don’t rely solely on exercise

Diet is an integral part of a weight loss plan, but is often overlooked. Eating right increases your metabolism and burns fat. For an effective weight loss regimen, there needs to be a balance between exercise and diet.

Do not focus only on cardio

Cardio-based exercise is an important part of the workout regimen, but too much of it may actually defeat the purpose of weight-loss. Cardio-based workout boosts your metabolism, but longer sessions dramatically increase appetite, making you susceptible to unnecessary snacking and overeating.

Don’t set unrealistic expectations

Ensure you set realistic targets for yourself. Success is a huge motivator and will help you progress faster.

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