5 Snacking Dos and Donts

April 10, 2017

Simple tips for healthy eating


1. Try a fruit-veggie combo

Fruits and veggies are naturally full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, and have many health benefits to offer. Sprinkle them with spices or make juices with them to savour the flavour.

2. Nibble on nuts

Nuts are packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals and heart-friendly fats. Starting your day with a handful of these energy boosters helps you get a good supply of nutrients and energy.

3. Thank God for sandwiches!

Whole-wheat or multi-grain bread, vegetable or lean meat sandwiches make healthy snacks. Flavouring with your favourite spice or grilling to suit your taste can also makes these quick and easy meals fun to have.

4. Make yourself a smoothie

Fresh fruit smoothies are a great way to relieve hunger pangs! Add toppings like nuts, oats, berries or thicken it with yoghurt to enjoy it more! If you are trying to lose weight, smoothies can help you stay the course.

5. A ladleful of soup

Soups can carry the richness of veggies, pulses and meats packed into one single bowl. Most thick soups can be filling and enjoyable.


1. Cookies, doughnuts, pastries and sweets – don’t yield to temptation

Indulge in these sugar packed snacks and see your weight loss plans quickly go up in smoke! These snacks contain empty calories, ‘bad’ cholesterol and unhealthy fats. Heart disease, weight gain, diabetes and cancers have been linked to consuming too much of such fats.

2. Chips, fries, and crackers

Chips, fries and crackers = Unhealthy fats, ‘bad’ cholesterol and lots of calories. These fun-to-eat foods are a sure way to derail any weight loss plans and have no nutrition to offer. Try alternatives like baked sweet potatoes instead.

3. Sugary treats

Watch out for sugar laden foods like sweetened yoghurts, canned soups and salad dressings if you are looking to lose weight. Apart from weight gain and obesity, these are also known to increase your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

4. Food spreads

Mayonnaise, cheese and sauces have ‘trans’ fats, cholesterol and sugar in generous amounts. Instead opt for fruit spreads like avocado or hummus.

5. Sodas

Aerated and sweetened drinks are loaded with sugar and calories. Instead, choose fresh fruit juices or yoghurt based smoothies to keep yourself hydrated and full.

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