How To Stay Active During Summer

Does the summer heat make you want to stay indoors in the comfort of air-conditioning? While your heart is set on getting started, the brain slaps a resounding ‘no’ to outdoor activities, right? Does it mean it’s the end of the road for staying fit and active? We know the feeling of being torn between comfort and fitness. On one hand, being outdoors for more than a couple of minutes seems impossible. And on the other, staying indoors and munching on goodies is certainly a recipe for an unhealthy summer ahead. Is it possible to find a mid-way here? Most certainly, yes. But how does one break this monotonous cycle of heat and inactivity, laced with excuses?

Here’s how you can stay active this summer:

1. Start your outdoor activity early

If you plan to step outdoors for a workout be sure to begin your day early. Past 8 am, the heat begins to feel overbearing. It is best to be indoors once the sun is overhead. And in case you spend time outdoors in the heat, keep an eye out for symptoms of heat stress. Listen to your body - it is the best judge in this situation.

2. Try a wet workout

Remember, how as children, summer was a synonym for pool activities? There’s no reason that you can’t do it now. Give it a shot. A wide variety of workouts in the pool and underwater are available across the country, like the Aqua Circuit Training, and workouts on floating paddle boards. It is a great way to cool off and burn some calories this summer, and not to forget, have lots of FUN!

3. Try indoor sports

Time spent playing a sport or activity with friends and family is one of the best stress-busters, right? Pick an indoor sport that you enjoy playing. There are a wide variety of options available at venues like Dubai Sports World and Sportzone. The first step is always the most difficult. Keep at it consistently. Before the end of summer, you will enjoy the sport as well as the quality time you spend with loved ones. A sure win-win!

4. Learn a new skill

Isn’t there this one activity you’ve been hoping to learn, but haven’t taken that first step yet? The first is the toughest, true, but you’ll soon realise that these sessions can be fun! Dubai offers a wide variety of new skills and hobbies for the uninitiated - skiing, aquafit, aerial yoga, just to name a few. It’s always fun to learn something new, especially if it manages to catch one’s fancy. Do your research and choose your class smartly and you are set this summer!

5. Exercise your mind

Staying indoors and remaining inactive is bound to drive you stir-crazy. Take out a little time everyday to exercise your mind with introspection, a few games to keep the mind sharp and exercises to calm the mind and body. This doesn’t have to be an unpleasant routine carved in stone. You can indulge in these mind exercises when strolling around a mall or walking in a park like recall games, counting games and creating word pictures.

6. Begin a fitness regimen

There’s no better time than right NOW to begin a fitness routine. Chart out your goals for the summer. Find out what suits your body and choose an activity like aerobics, dancercise, yoga or gym workouts to begin your fitness journey. The results in the form of improved health and fitness are a great bonus. And the changes are sure to keep you motivated on this path, long after the summer ends.

It is possible to remain active in the summer months, you just need to find the way that suits you the best. And what’s more, you’ll discover that staying active kicks in a sense of achievement and pleasure. So, end the indecision and simply go for it!

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