Every Choice Matters

June 21, 2017

Your choices define who you are

It’s the little choices you make that make a big difference. From the time you wake up, until you go to bed, you are presented with little choices which need your attention. Let’s take a look at everyday situations and how your choice can make the difference to your health & wellbeing.

Balanced versus imbalanced sleep cycle

✓This choice to wake up early can have a positive effect on your mind, reduce stress and boost energy levels. Early risers have ample time to spend on themselves before they leave for work or start their daily chores. This means no morning rush, leaving them feeling positive throughout the day. According to studies, waking up early leads to more productivity and better decision making. Hence it is a good idea to go to bed on time so you can get 8 hours of sleep and wake up refreshed.

✘An imbalanced sleep cycle is a choice you should stay away from. Irregular sleep timings and lack of sleep can negatively impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. A study suggests that lack of sleep could result in an increased risk of Diabetes by 34%. It also weakens your immune system. Apart from physical strain, ignoring a healthy sleep cycle could also mean difficulty in staying focused at work the next day and having emotional outbursts.

Healthy versus junk food

✓You are what you eat. Choosing a balanced diet gives your body the nutrition it needs. Besides, it also helps in regulating your mood. Opt for a diet with fruits, whole grains and vegetables. They have a high content of minerals and vitamins and are associated with lowering depression. A healthy diet keeps your weight in check, reduces the risk of being affected by illnesses and boosts overall wellbeing.

✘There’s a reason why junk food is called ‘Junk’. Your body deserves better. A study suggests that an unhealthy diet could increase the risk of lowering productivity by 66%. Not only this, it can also lead to obesity, depression, skin problems, high blood pressure and other ill effects.

Active versus sedentary lifestyle

✓Don’t let the walls of your comfort zone hold you back from reaching out to your wellness goals. Regular exercise has plenty of benefits for your body and mind. Apart from enhancing your outer appearance, it also boosts happiness and makes you feel energized. This is because of the increased release of hormones like dopamine and neurotransmitters in your brain post workout.

✘You only have your choices to blame if you don’t fit into your favorite pair of jeans anymore. If you don’t take charge of your fitness, not only does it cause weight gain, but can also have an effect on your mental health. Exercise causes the release of endorphins in your brain, making you feel positive and energized. Studies suggest that exercise could be a way of battling depression to an extent. Refraining yourself from regular physical activity affects energy and endurance levels.

Positive attitude versus stress

✓It’s how you choose to deal with stress that matters. Treating stress with meditation and exercise really helps. Stress management has a positive effect on your immune and digestive system. It could also help you avoid common cold and backaches. By choosing to manage stress, you can overcome the roadblock to live a healthier and happier life.

✘They say that what consumes your mind controls your life. The ill effects of stress not only cause depression, but also leads to high blood pressure, obesity, anger outbursts and withdrawal from social interactions.

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